Is MAGA the future..

Today a very EERIE thing happened to me while driving onto the campus of one of my teams I do Game Day choreography with/for.

(This post has nothing to do with this amazing team I love to work with in San Antonio – the Johnson Jaguars.. one of the very best groups of kids I am lucky enough to work with.)

This is my 3rd year coming on campus but this year was different and sort of eye opening.

The school is now completely fenced in around the campus. You can park in the lot just fine – but to enter campus- you have to go through a steel gate. I was perplexed for a bit on figuring how I would make it to the practice room- but luckily – the large main steel gate was open as cleaning crews were getting ready for school to start in two weeks.

I felt all types of ways..

#1 – shocked – amazed – scared – confused .. on why a school would surround itself with a steel gate for no one to enter- or leave (if attacked).

#2 – with all that’s going on- we have a house of leadership who doesn’t care- their answer is to put up another “wall” .. so if this school is attacked- how do the kids get out.

#3 – we are still living in a world of thoughts and prayers (but mostly ignorance). Wake up people

What Trump has done in two years to incite all this is not a shocker to anyone — only those who have not seen these fences at high schools – haven’t been harassed by police or racists – haven’t been around the bad he is spreading with his rhetoric.. are supporting this monster – because they live in areas where this doesn’t occur..

Today was an eye opener of the future of MAGA..

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