Just a quick funny story to share…

Work brings me home to Idaho every once in awhile and I get to spend time with my family and play Uncle for a night with my nephew and two nieces.

Hide and Seek is the request and here is where the laughter begins…

I will spare you with the usual hide and seek; The youngest is barely hidden, the older ones hide in the closet – I pretend I don’t see them… blah blah blah.. that was for rounds 1 through 3.

I decide to make the youngest, Chloe- 3 years old- be the counter and seeker this time! So .. I knew this would be interesting. She starts counting while myself, Ashton (6) and Ellie (8) take off to hide.

(Quick reference- my parents have a patio deck out the back door- it sits relatively low to the ground- lots of shrubbery and lots of bugs- back yard is a full landscaped acre)

So … Ashton and I take off outside and Ellie hides in the house. I decide to back some patio furniture into the corner of the patio and crouch down and hide- pretty well hidden, and I hear Ashton leave the deck, unsure of where he wandered off to. I sit there in silence for a few minutes- laughing at myself because I am 37 years old- hiding on the back patio while all the adults in the house are drinking and watching football.

As I am sitting there lucky to live this hilarious, unusual life, I hear something rustling under the patio boards- and I think to myself “there is no way he climbed under this thing” .. an then I hear some grunting.. “Ashton- are you under the deck?” – “yea– and there are lots of spider webs. And rocks under here..”

Chloe is finally on the search for us and I am trying my hardest to control my laughter- but I have tears rolling down my face as I am in disbelief and thinking to myself, that, you could not pay me enough money to crawl under that deck!

So – Ashton is trying to whisper to me but I have to tell him to be quiet (even though I am worried for him that there may be some wild spiders under there.. eeek) because Chloe is close and doing our best to give up our positions.

Long story short – I gave Chloe several hints to find get her to walk further out on the deck by herself- and then she finally found me after I could no longer hold my laughter at her silly requests for “cmon you two” or “please make a sound”.

And once she found me- she wanted me to treat her the same way and give up Ashton’s position -it was a team mission if you asked her. It did take quite awhile, but thanks to Ashton’s animal calls (and me convincing Chloe that is wasn’t a real animal and it was likely her brother making the sounds) she found him under the patio.

We played several more rounds- each just as interesting! I will conclude with this: Chloe and I make a pretty good team! I always find her first (even after purposefully trying not to- she just kept calling for Uncle Josh- so I had to find her) and then she would take me directly to the other two!

Life is good!

It helps to let loose and be a kid every now and then!

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