Thailand for Beginners… everything to know about booking a cave-free trip to Thailand

I consider myself a well versed traveler – sometimes – but choosing an exotic place to vacation can be very intimidating, especially if you have never left the United States.

My first travel destination post features a magical destination that nearly everyone has heard about and seems amazing to travel to– until you start to plan a trip there. While planning my first trip there 2 years ago, after our destination was for sure decided, I sat down to book flights, hotels and start to plan excursions. I was so excited (because traveling outside the US is my addiction) to make an epic trip! This euphoria came to a screeching halt as soon as I typed in “Top places to stay in Thailand,” and my whole idea of booking this amazing trip became very difficult.

1. Thailand is much bigger (more spread out) than it seems.

2. They have multiple popular destinations- none of which are driving distance of each other.

3. How can we experience it all? Beautiful beaches, wild night life, top notch hotel, delicious food… etc.

4. Each Thailand location is quite different, making number 3 my nightly project for the next week- because this is not as simple as planning a vacation to Branson, Missouri (although I have never been, it doesn’t seem that hard- it’s Missouri and Midwestern folk).

So– let’s cut this short and get to the good stuff since I loved Thailand so much after my first visit, I decided to go back a year later and experience a completely different area of the country.

Booking travel:

1. Your best bet is to contact me and have me help plan/book your travel with my low cost travel agency I am soon starting (this is not entirely true, but I want to start one..).

2. Best time to travel to Thailand is December through July- rainy season starts soon thereafter and no vacation with rain is fun- especially not one that specializes in amazing beaches and scenery.

3. Check numerous airports and airlines for pricing, as well as checking layover duration and location. Some layovers could be cool to explore the day at so take up that opportunity if it arises. My last trip, I spent 12 hours touring Shanghai, China! Well worth it!

4. Read all reviews about all hotels and excursions. And read numerous as all will tell different accounts and stories!


My recommendation is to stay in the beautiful region of Krabi! It is a beautiful beach town that has everything you would picture Thailand having!

The hotels in the city are not Beachfront- which is honestly recommended because the tide is an amazing thing at certain parts. It’s very high in the morning but will drain back 300 yards by 5pm. Made for an interesting walk back to our boat taxi after relaxing at Railey Beach each day. It was our favorite spot in Thailand for sure! This is an area to explore for mutilple days- beautiful hikes, numerous beaches, safe caves to explore, monkeys, and food and massages galore for unreal prices.

I could go on for hours and share the amazing experiences of this area!


Of course- you must take a boat tour to visit the James Bond Islands, the island where the movie “The Beach” was filmed with Leo, and enjoy some other amazing cultural sites and sounds of Thailand!


Krabi is very fun here and it is not a wild open street party like you will see in Phuket or Bangkok, but it was perfect (if you and your mate or friends are social). It has a few alleys full of outdoor bars with locals and tourists out having fun and great drink specials. In Thailand, there is a lot of drink buckets.

BEST TIME OF YEAR to go to Krabi?

I honestly lived the absolute best part of my life on New Years Eve on the Beaches of Krabi! I will gladly go back with any friends, any year, with anyone wants to go!

Moving on:

Other parts of Thailand and how I recommend you explore it!

Phuket is a very popular destination (at least it seemed as I was researching) and I had a fantastic time there. I would equate Phuket to Reno, NV compared to Las Vegas, NV- minus how disgusting Reno is.

Phuket has a lot of charm – and you can enjoy their Reno style streets that are dreaming to be Vegas. There are lots of people – lots of lights- and lots of workers trying to pull you into the “sex” shows where women will ***warning – adult content ahead*** pop just about anything out of their .. bodies! However- don’t fall for these bad barely strip club places. It’s just to lure you in.. lol.. not that I was ever lured in or anything.

Phuket hotels- none are on the beach and you will have to travel to get to any beach. But they do have some nice hotels in the hills that have beautiful views! And even rooms with infinity pools like we had!

Do research here and plan to travel away from Phuket on excursions– avoid the elephant and animal stuff. It’s more sad than cool to get a picture with a cheetah or lion who is heavily medicated each day so that humans can spend 45 sec with it to take a picture. Message me about an app where I can implant you by a real one in the wild that looks as authentic as you and the drugged up wild animal (you sicko).

I’m gonna cut this short and leave out a lot of details- so please message me to inquire about where to stay and sites to book on… but I will leave you with this…

On your trip to Thailand- stay at a beach location and take in all the most beautiful landscape in the world– but…

YOU MUST SPEND at the minimum one night in Bangkok! Flights are so cheap once you are in Thailand. $100 roundtrip from Phuket.. it’s a long flight- 5 hours direct- so toughen up and take the early flight- and see a whole new world (say the last line in the voice from Aladdin).

Bangkok is NYC meets Bourbon St in New Orleans – minus everything you hate about NY and NO- the smell, the trashy people, the trashy bars, the smell of urine, the homeless..

Bangkok has none of this! It’s wild(ER) and there is no drama or gangs or weirdos or uncomfortableness (is that a word?).

I spent Christmas there and would give anything to go back! Lol! I love Bangkok! But it’s not the beaches and beauty- it’s the raw side- this is the Hangover- and it must be experienced… and then you will see why America sucks a lot of the time. Everyone is so nice and pleasant!

End of story… Thailand is a place where it’s okay to be a proud American (on both trips, I came across fewer than 8 Americans. True story). These places are becoming far and few between (for those who don’t travel outside the country much- Americans are hit or miss! And more so than ever since ol Trumpy came to play- we are moving to the lower likeability side…).

Thailand is so amazing – Take in the culture – Enjoy all their cuisine – take a Tuk Tuk – meet some locals – open your senses – and enjoy not being in America connected to your internet…

What NOT to do in Thailand:

1. Tiger Temple — F that.. this is all I have to say! Stay away! So stupid.

2. Animal sanctuaries– you already heard me preach- research to find rescue places to visit!

3. Don’t stay at a fancy hotel! You will NEVER be in the room! Go explore this amazing place!

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